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Preview Size Date Description
rampcat 2453k2001-10-14Rampant Celtic Cat (includes screensaver)
raven 744k1998-06-25Fantasy - Female and Raven
readfun 2514k2004-06-12Woman reading a book in temple-like building (fantasy)
reaper 1012k2002-04-13A Spooky Reaper (drawing) (XP)
reaper2 1624k2002-04-13Reaper (drawing)
reaper3 2500k2003-02-16Grim Reaper 3 with screensaver (XP)
rebel2 2470k2002-08-03Rebel - Heritage not hate
red_xmas1259k1999-12-26Red Christmas with Victorian era feel
redgreen2813k1998-12-20Red & Green associated with Christmas
redplan 1288k1999-09-24Red Planet by Marie
Doctor's Choice
1576k2001-10-14Life's reflections
reinlv 3004k2004-06-04Reindeer Love (fantasy)
High Quality
1983k1998-05-07Rouge et Noir (fractals)
rhapsody 212k1998-04-09Rhapsody
ringlets1040k2003-04-06Ringlets - space fantasy
Doctor's Choice
1060k2000-08-06Ripples in Water
rlthouse2766k2007-04-24Rainbow Lighthouse (religeous)
rmeh 1008k2003-02-16Real Men Eat Haggis includes screensaver
rns 1933k2001-03-06Conglomeration of parts making up an rns theme
roadrage 29k1999-03-20Road Rage (cursors and icons)
rocking 2511k1998-11-28Moronica's Rocking Christmas (2 themes)
rockwell 632k1998-11-28A Rockwell Christmas
rogue2 666k1998-06-25Rogue (fantasy)
rotaract 667k2000-11-01Rotaract Clubs
rrrose 758k2003-02-16A Red, Red Rose (Robert Burns poem) with screensaver
rs_desk 1409k2001-02-09Richard Sumilang poetry
rubduck 801k2002-09-10Love Your Rubber Ducky? Put these on your PC (XP)
rudolph 265k2002-01-27Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
rwsatn 984k2000-10-22Satan is my Motor
s_class 170k1999-02-12Mercedes S Class (car)

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