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Preview Size Date Description
aleppo 5480k2006-05-08The beauty of Aleppo countrysides
alligatr 458k2001-07-25Alligator crouching in the grass (nature)
allweed 2059k2006-07-31Weed (Marijuana drug)
amberlit2051k1997-10-10Amber Sunset Over the Ocean
angelv 1779k1998-09-16Angel surrounded by violets
animals 179k1996-10-31Animals
apples 712k2003-08-17Apples
aqrrium 5449k2004-07-17Bright and colorful tropical fish
aqua 668k1998-01-08Aquarium (nice wallpaper)
aquarium 207k1998-08-28Aquariam with orange fish
arftiger1003k2004-08-04Exotic African tiger
ariseshn1699k2003-08-17Golden Canyon
arizona 825k1997-03-10Desert Mountains and Saquaro Cactus
asleepsn 316k2003-08-17Sleeping Polar BEar
augrouse 598k2000-01-23Autumn Grouse
aussidog 362k1998-08-28Aussie Cattle Dog (nature)
austbird1356k1997-09-03Australian Birds
autum 455k2001-07-25Autumn - Path beside lake under colorful trees
autumn 658k1997-03-06Season of Autumn (needs
autumn2 342k1998-08-28Autumn - river background
autumn3 1199k1998-10-24Colors of Autumn
autumn4 1030k2002-04-13Autumn theme with a black cat and pumpkins
awecloud3106k2001-09-10Awesome cloud
azure 258k1997-07-23White sandy beach
Doctor's Choice
5042k2003-12-16Beneath Autumn Boughs (XP)
bathb 2203k2003-05-31Bathing Beauty and Waterfalls with screensaver
be_free 1182k2001-06-09A Dove Flying Free with a Tiger
beachtrn4322k2004-02-11Island sounds, cursors and screensaver
beaearth1471k2003-08-17Waterfall cascading over rocks
High Quality
1885k2003-01-05Beneath The Sea (XP)

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