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Preview Size Date Description
pumpkin 423k1998-06-25Autumn - Pumpkin background (nature)
purpmm 2091k2002-08-03Purple Mountains Majesty
Doctor's Choice
2528k2002-10-07A Kiss by Moonlight (XP)
Doctor's Choice
2544k2002-10-07Moonlight Reflections
qsandthm 583k1997-25-11Quicksand (sinking sand)
quail 821k2000-09-09A Covey of Quail
racoobab1128k1998-06-25Baby Raccoon (nature)
rain 4466k1998-10-10Gentle spring rain
rainbow22873k2002-05-28Over the Rainbow
rainbow42386k2004-08-29Top of the trees and the end of the rainbow
rainbowl2738k2002-05-28Rainbow Lagoon
rainyday3743k2002-05-28Rainy Day
redrose1 506k1998-01-08Red Rose (wallpaper/color/icons)
High Quality
1209k1999-02-12Red Red Rose for Valentines Day
regle 81k1997-11-19Regal Eagle (bird)
rfstream 439k2001-07-25A stream in a dark damp rainforest (nature)
rock2 1544k1998-10-24Rock - Nature shot & Rock in all sounds
rock3 3996k2004-09-28Rocks and stones
High Quality
2126k1999-02-12Roses for Valentines Day
rwmush 2299k2000-10-22Mushroom Life (nature)
saverain4660k2001-05-14Save the Rainforest
scarcrow 669k1998-06-25Autumn - Scarecrow background
schnauzr 564k1997-06-21Schnauzer (dog)
scmpoo 72k1998-06-25Stray Sheep with Sounds (nature)
scorpiox1964k1999-07-18Scorpion (desert/arachnid)
seal 248k1997-07-23White seal in the snow
Average Quality
1794k2002-07-05Sea Lion (XP)
seasidwf 604k2001-07-25Small Seaside Waterfall lands in the sand (nature)
seasons 156k1997-03-06Seasons (summer, winter, etc)
secbtts 5031k2004-10-09Secluded Beach with animated screen saver

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