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Preview Size Date Description
seedoubl 683k1999-06-06Two adorable Shetland Sheepdog puppies
serenity4410k1999-09-24Beautiful and serene mountain and lake scene
sfoam 1149k1999-01-16Sea Foam (nature)
sgreens 849k1999-01-16Spring Green (nature)
sheepy 862k1999-04-24Sheep wallpaper, icons and sounds
shkatak 1296k2004-07-06A great white shark showing off his pearlies
sigoshi 238k1996-09-11Sigoshi the Toy Fox Terrier
simplici2648k2002-04-13Relaxing sounds with a background of leaves
sitptts 4008k2004-10-05Sunday In The Park with lake effect screen saver
ski 588k2001-07-25Ski hut and skis in deep snow (nature)
skyscape6303k2002-01-27Full motion dynamic sky scenes in OpenGL (XP)
snake 869k2002-08-03Snakes (nature)
snakes 838k2001-06-09Snakes (nature)
snowstor3385k2002-05-28Winter Snowstorm
snwlprd 889k2004-07-18Painting of a white bengal tiger cub
Doctor's Choice
4195k2003-05-01Storm on Holy Hill
sophie 1372k2002-09-10Beagle (dog) (XP)
sox 4326k1998-05-07Sox the Kat
space_xp 799k2002-08-03Space - view of Earth (nature) (XP)
spacesh23856k2001-12-02Space Shots - stars and nebulae (nature)
spguide 3815k2004-07-16Wolf and dream catcher
spring 346k1997-03-06Season of Spring
spring2 173k1998-06-25Waterfall in Spring
spring3 268k1998-06-25Spring Flowers
starry_n3272k2000-09-29Starry Night
stingyth1655k1997-06-23An ocean stingy thingy
stjasmin2458k2001-09-10Jasmin - dog wearing blue bikini and blonde wig
storm2 389k1999-02-12Lighting Storm
summer 324k1997-03-06Season of Summer
summer2 517k1997-03-06Summer (the season)

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