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Preview Size Date Description
kitten 178k1998-08-28Kitten in blanket (feline)
kitten2 24k2004-06-19Kitten
kittens 49k1998-08-28Kittens (feline)
kitty 594k1998-08-28White Kitten (feline)
kitty2 723k1999-02-14Feline kitten
kitty3 89k1999-11-01Pink Kitten (feline) - tiled wallpaper
kittyusa1553k2002-01-27A kitty called Peaches on a USA flag comforter
kitycat 1610k1999-08-04Cat sounds, pictures and icons
Doctor's Choice
615k1998-07-08Kill Them Seagulls (nature)
labra 1310k2001-09-10Black Labrador Retriever (dog)
lajolla 952k1999-01-16Pacific Ocean from La Jolla, Calif
lake 6302k2004-09-28Lake
laketh1 760k2001-05-14Mountain Lake - Summertime in Lake Tahoe, CA
laketh2 978k2001-05-14Forest Lake - Summertime in Lake Tahoe, CA
laketh3 1201k2001-05-14Mountain Snow scene with eagle and wolves
lastwalk2508k2003-12-15Gloomy scene - silhouette - water, trees, person
lazylion3364k2005-05-21A repeating 4 photo slideshow screensaver of lions
leaflm 1155k1999-11-27Falling Leaf (nature)
leaves03 866k2004-03-28Colorful Leaves and the sounds of nature
lenarose1317k1999-11-01Roses in memory of Helena killed by hit-run driver
lice 605k1999-07-18Lice (little parasites)
lily_pad1856k1997-06-23A frog and lilypad theme
lily_val5243k2000-11-01Lily of the Valley (flower)
lineshak 465k2001-06-09Line Shack - A dusty little shack in the desert
lionlamb1502k2002-04-13The Lion lying down with the Lamb
lnlgegl 1117k2001-05-14Twilight photo with eagles
Below Average
1596k2002-08-03Lotus Flower
lp_koala 265k1998-02-02Rocky the Koala

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