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Preview Size Date Description
jw_harfa 793k2007-04-24Animated saver features a whimsical fairy background
jw_harry 767k2003-03-15Slide show saver features Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
jw_hbask 649k2003-02-22Animated splat saver - bushel vegetable baskets
jw_hbful1474k2003-06-21Slideshow features house paintings of Thomas Kinkade
jw_hbnch 800k2005-08-16Animated saver has pumpkins on a seasonal backdrop
jw_hcsc 1272k2006-08-28Snow effect saver features painting of Santa Claus
jw_heart 440k2003-02-22Animated saver - chocolate hearts (Valentine)
jw_heavn 336k2003-09-01Animated spotlight effect saver features painting of a cat
jw_hhide1125k2006-03-08Slide show saver - hydrangea blossoms
jw_hholi 567k2003-12-15Animated saver features jingle bells and a reindeer
jw_hiya 1029k2004-05-02Slide show saver features photographs of frogs
jw_hjc 752k2005-01-08Animated saver features holly leaves and berries
jw_hog 1133k2005-01-10Lake effect saver features colorful fractal image
jw_home41137k2003-12-15Animated snow saver features nostalgic Christmas scene
jw_hoot 925k2006-03-08Animated saver features carved pumpkin owls
jw_hop 1000k2005-12-05Animated saver features apples and pears on cornucopia backdrop
jw_horsn1028k2006-11-02Snow effect saver features a snow scene with horses
jw_hot 898k2005-10-05Slide show saver features colorful peppers
jw_house 848k2003-03-153D cube saver features painting of Thomas Kinkade
jw_hrmny 982k2006-08-28Slide show saver features paintings of John Traynor
jw_hrtfx 702k2003-02-01Animated heart-shaped items scrolling on romantic background
jw_hsh 598k2005-05-23Animated saver features blue dishes on your desktop
jw_hswrl 944k2003-06-21JavaScript saver features a shape morphing fractal
jw_humml1221k2005-01-08Painter effect saver features holiday Hummel figurine
jw_humor 668k2003-02-22Animated saver - ceramic masks
jw_hyhvn 980k2003-02-22Animated saver - tulips and tulip flower bed scene
jw_icemn 724k2006-02-11Snow effect saver features a snowman background
jw_iiris 618k2004-05-31Slide show saver features beautiful iris blooms
jw_imper1047k2006-10-12Lake effect saver features a jewel-shaped fractal
jw_incan 921k2006-08-21Morphing effect saver features a softly colored fractal

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