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Preview Size Date Description
jw_sumsg1186k2007-04-13Slide show saver features paintings of sunflowers
jw_sundy1515k2003-09-01Rain effect saver features Thomas Kinkade painting
jw_sunfl 599k2004-07-08Animated saver features sunflowers on your desktop
jw_sunsn 880k2004-08-01Animated saver features sunflowers on a colorful background
jw_sunst 656k2006-04-10Slide show saver features dusk and dawn images around the world
jw_super 994k2005-07-01Tunnel effect saver features colorful fractal image
jw_surfn 997k2006-10-27Slide show saver features paintings of woody station wagons
jw_sw4sw 667k2003-02-01Animated fancy chocolates bouncing on YOUR desktop
jw_swing1345k2004-09-13Painter effect saver features a fall scene being painted
jw_swnlk1501k2007-03-01Water effect saver features swans
jw_taco 1148k2004-07-06Animated saver features Mexican snacks on your desktop
jw_tandl 825k2005-06-12Animated saver - shamrocks and leprechaun gold on your desktop
jw_tandt 906k2003-10-26Animated saver features black cat perched in a jackolantern
jw_tanne 779k2003-12-15Slide show saver features decorated Christmas trees
jw_taste 995k2003-02-23JavaScript saver features wobbling fractal background
jw_tbear 929k2005-12-17Slide show saver features scenes with teddy bears
jw_tbp 979k2005-10-12Animated saver features colorful picnic items
jw_tdinn1319k2004-12-27Painter effect saver features a holiday scene
jw_teatm1142k2006-01-30Slide show saver features beautiful tea items
jw_teddy 884k2003-12-15Animated saver features teddy bear and Christmas lights
jw_tgmtl 579k2005-12-193-D cube effect saver features ceramic chickens and turkey
jw_thfst2351k2007-03-25Animated saver features cute pilgrims
jw_thorn 850k2006-11-13Funnel effect saver features a fractal background
jw_tiskt 655k2004-06-03Tisket-a-Tasket - Easter Egg Basket
jw_tmval1178k2006-11-02Animated saver features heart-shaped valentines on desktop
jw_tnliz 971k2007-04-133D cube saver features painting of a Model T Ford
jw_toast 631k2003-02-21Animated saver - toast and toasters
jw_toddy 508k2003-02-21Animated splat saver - apples on YOUR desktop
jw_tpolo 748k2006-05-08Slide show saver features portraits by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
jw_trezr 937k2003-02-21Animated saver - beaches and shells

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