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Preview Size Date Description
jw_dl 583k2003-02-22 Animated saver features duck decoys swimming on a plaid background
jw_dlair 791k2004-06-18Morphing light effect saver features a dragon and crystal ball
jw_doors 759k2003-02-22Slide show saver - doorways around the world
jw_dragn 661k2003-02-22Animated saver - oriental items
jw_dross 540k2005-12-05Slide show saver features glamor photos of Diana Ross
jw_dtp 1734k2006-02-04Slide show saver features gates, fences, and pathways
jw_ducky1490k2004-09-06Animated saver features fun rubber ducks on wet blue tiles
jw_dusk 1494k2004-09-06Water effect saver features colorful autumn bridge painting
jw_dutch1136k2006-03-27Slide show saver - tulips in Amsterdam
jw_eagle 883k2003-02-22Slide show saver features wildlife photos of American bald eagles
jw_ebask 614k2003-04-11Animated saver features Easter treats on YOUR desktop
jw_ebont 560k2003-04-11Animated saver features Easter eggs on a straw hat background
jw_ecg 1564k2003-04-11Slide show saver - English country gardens in bloom
jw_echnt 697k2003-04-11Animated saver with Easter eggs and colorful background
jw_edoll 903k2005-05-23Animated saver features Easter eggs and antique dolls
jw_eeleg 574k2004-06-09Animated saver features pastel Easter eggs
jw_eg 812k2006-01-23Slide show saver features antique Easter greeting cards
jw_egcit1051k2005-08-21Funnel effect saver features colorful fractal image
jw_ehunt 717k2003-04-11Animated saver with butterflies floating on an Easter backdrop
jw_eip 358k2003-02-22Animated saver - Eiffel Tower
jw_elfan 846k2003-09-01Animated spotlight saver features a colorful floral background
jw_elilz 725k2003-04-11Lake effect saver features Easter lily backdrop
jw_enaml 828k2003-04-11JavaScript saver features morphing colors of Easter eggs
jw_eopal1005k2007-03-01Morphing effect saver features a pastel fractal image
jw_eorch 696k2003-04-11Animated saver features falling blossoms on an orchard background
jw_esund 757k2003-04-11Animated saver - falling blossoms on background painting
jw_evcrl1077k2003-12-15Animated snow saver features a Kinkade painting
jw_exagg 919k2006-11-13Water effect saver features an image of decorated eggs
jw_ezpie1047k2003-04-11Slide show saver - photographs of pies
jw_faces 978k2006-10-27Slide show saver features paintings of Impressionist Mary Cassatt

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