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Preview Size Date Description
jw_cnaut1418k2005-05-21Water effect saver features a seashell-shaped fractal image
jw_cnc 727k2004-06-22Animated saver features pocket watches and cigars
jw_cobwb 966k2006-03-27Morphing light effect saver features fractal spider web image
jw_cofbr1608k2004-07-07Animated saver features office objects on your desktop
jw_color1009k2006-05-08Slide show saver - beautiful bouquet close-ups
jw_cooki 845k2003-10-26Animated saver features Halloween cookies on YOUR desktop
jw_cowpt 555k2003-02-22Animated saver features Gateway and a cow named Daisy on YOUR desktop
jw_cozy 749k2004-07-05Animated saver features ivy and spinning teacups
jw_cpurp 651k2005-05-19Animated saver features dark spheres spiraling
jw_crawl1225k2004-05-26Slide show saver features creepy crawlers of all kinds
jw_crayn 761k2004-07-05Animated saver features animated crayons
jw_creek1514k2004-12-27Snow effect saver features winter scene with deer
jw_crmsn 962k2005-06-08Breathing effect saver features colorful fractal image
jw_crocs 980k2005-11-30Slide show saver features crocus in bloom
jw_crown 807k2006-02-04Slide show saver - British crown jewels
jw_cryst 273k2003-09-01Animated saver features swirling crystal balls on your desktop
jw_ctree1330k2006-08-15Confetti effect saver features a fractal holiday background
jw_cupck 923k2007-03-09Animated saver has candy corn on cupcake background
jw_daisy 543k2003-09-01Animated saver daisies floating on your desktop
jw_daj 714k2006-02-04Slide show saver - illustrations from Dick and Jane readers
jw_dali 816k2003-02-22Slide show saver features paintings of Salvador Dali
jw_darn 832k2003-09-10Animated saver with spinning stocking darner on colorful background
jw_daznd1544k2003-09-01River effect saver features a scenic evening
jw_dears 504k2003-12-15Animated saver features Christmas cookies on YOUR desktop
jw_debut 978k2004-07-08Painter effect saver features a ballet slipper image being rendered
jw_deep 1577k2006-09-25Water effect saver features purple blooms
jw_degas 977k2003-02-22Slide show saver features paintings by Edgar Degas
jw_deuce 959k2004-07-31Slide show saver features hot rods and dragsters
jw_dezky 825k2006-02-28Slide show saver features western/desert scenes
jw_diner1740k2004-07-07Animated saver features diner-related objects

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